The Financialists™ Way & System

The Financialists™ Way equip planners to adopt an intuitive mindset, to be able to develop in-depth understanding of clients’ needs before recommending solutions.

The Financialists™ System is an intelligent approach that factors in aspirations and life changes of clients, assisting clients to better plan for their long-term needs.

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Structured Coaching & Mentoring

At The Financialists™, all planners will undergo training in The Financialists™ System and learn The Financialists™ Way, where they will acquire knowledge to interact, advise and recommend solutions for different customer segments. they will be assigned with a mentor to guide them through this journey.

Our planners will be taught how to professionally approach and conduct financial planning for the following customer segments in Singapore.

– Mass
– Affluent
– Corporates
– High net-worth

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The Financialists™ Flow

Our programme is holistic. It ensures that you know exactly what to do and have the knowledge to support what you say and the solutions you recommend. You will also learn how to present complex financial information in simple ways that your clients can understand and appreciate.

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Our programme comprises tried and tested ways, knowledge and skills that of our leaders have accumulated over the years. You don’t just learn from one leader, you learn from a team. You will receive guidance and mentorship along the way. You will continuously learn and grow and achieve quicker and more than you can imagine.

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The Financialists™ Enables Financial Freedom and Time Freedom in Singapore

Financial freedom is what everyone aspires to achieve and is often referred to as having sufficient wealth without worry of financial obligations and the ability to spend on what you want, in addition to daily necessities.
However, is that sufficient to keep you happy and ensure a meaningful life?

Happiness is about being able to pursue your passion, making choices not influenced by your bank account, and living life on your own terms.

Financial freedom also means that you have freedom of time. But how do you fill up your time? What makes you happy? When we do what we love and find success, we can help you to achieve both financial and time freedom in Singapore.